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Gold Purnama Necklace by The World of Indah
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The PURNAMA Necklace provides strength and instills calmness, while simultaneously reminding you to follow the cycles of the moon. The new moon is a time to set new intentions and the full moon is a powerful time to release all that is not serving you. The PURNAMA Necklace was intentionally designed to encourage you to maintain a sacred connection with Mother Earth.

Shell is used in The PURNAMA Necklace to help stimulate and connect deeper to our intuition also known as our sixth sense. It enhances our creativity by expanding our mental clarity and imagination. Also, Shell symbolizes both purity & youthfulness.

The sustainable moon necklace was intentionally handcrafted to be worn as a symbol of the wearer's connection to the cycles of the PURNAMA and to the natural beauty of the world. This precious jewelry with a cause is popular among those who simply appreciate organic beauty or wish to make a fashion statement.