It’s hard describing, or rather, pigeonhole in just one category, each one of the models we design in VERACRUZ FOOTWEAR. Eclectic, full of influences that, mixed between them, express a philosophy that loves life, the experience, the journey. That’s why we take care of the textures, colors, and finishes in our leathers. And how we couldn’t? The design of a shoe created for women must express its own identity. Each one of our VERACRUZ sandals, boots or shoes, have a very different meaning, depending on the woman using it, or the time she decides to wear them.


In Veracruz, we keep the tradition alive of the artisanal shoe in all our creations. We create them for the active woman, who prefers the adventure in her daily life, and one who wants that vital attitude that forms an indivisible part of her, that can also be seen from the outside; she is our inspiration.

The Journey

The journey as a vital axis, being internal or physical, is one of our identity markings. A companion shoe for all these situations that could arise and one, where the woman will always feel comfortable. Life is a journey, and Veracruz goes along with you.

The Women of Veracruz

Strong, bohemian, romantic, traveler, urban… thousands of nuances are combined inside the women of Veracruz and they give meaning to their style. Our designs adapt and blend in a chameleonic way, depending on the look and event she desires. Any of our designs have thousands of records, as the woman using it.

“It’s always good to have an end to your journey, but the journey is what matters in the end”.

The Experience

Not only our designs try to tell stories, but also our leathers and how we treat them. The textures, the finishes are as important as the shoe style. Through the natural colors we work with and the way we paint the leather and give them its finishes, we manage to transmit a Veracruz philosophy that communes with nature, with the beauty of time and wrinkles. So, from the first moment you wear one of our shoes, you’ll feel like you have worn them forever.0



All VERACRUZ shoes are made by the specialized hands of our shoe craftsmen. That’s why, a human chain encompasses design, fabrication and exhaustive quality control, they work together to offer a shoe that provides comfort, durability, and an impeccable finish. Our workshops have the experience that for generations, have obtained reference in the market for quality footwear for women.


The quality of a VERACRUZ shoe starts from its design. Our ergonomic shoe trees created to be adapted to the feet and transfer comfort from the first step. The design is created above them and we add elements as the leather cushioned insoles, swooped leathers, natural tints, fancywork, braided, and ornaments. The production is kept by a chain of professionals.