The 5 BEST Restaurants in Downtown Kelowna

Hi there, Deana here from Honest Boutique! In today's blog, I'm excited to share some of my favourite places in Downtown Kelowna to enjoy a cozy meal and cocktail, stay warm and support the wonderful local Kelowna restaurants!


Waterfront Wines

First on my list is Waterfront Wines. This place is known for its intimate setting and exquisite wine selection. I love their focus on local! It’s a great spot to unwind after a day of braving the cold. I recommend wearing something like our Heartloom sweater, which provides both warmth and style, paired with AG Jeans, perfect for a sophisticated yet comfortable evening. For a more upscale fancy look, wearing a beautifully long midi or maxi dress is what I would do.


The Orchard Room

Next, let's talk about The Orchard Room. It's a vibrant spot known for its innovative cocktails and lively atmosphere. For a night out here, I’d suggest one of our elegant Kelowna dresses, layered with a 360cashmere cardigan to keep you cozy. Make sure you look your best when you go to The Orchard Room, their aesthetic is very Instagram-worthy.


Bernie's Supper Club

Bernie's Supper Club offers a nostalgic ambiance with its classic supper club vibe. It’s an ideal place for those who enjoy a more traditional dining experience in an exquisite space. A chic dress from our Kelowna dress store, accessorized with a warm scarf or shawl, would be perfect for this venue. They even have small a Cinema on the 3rd floor with table service. It's a fun family-friendly activity to do in the Downtown area.


Krafty Kitchen + Bar

Krafty Kitchen + Bar is all about casual, comfort food in a relaxed setting. It’s the place to go for a laid-back evening. A casual Heartloom top with AG Jeans would be my go-to outfit for dinner here. If you're into brunch, make sure you check out their Hip Hop Brunch menu. I love the way they've named their menu items and the old school hip hop music they play. This is a must try!


HUMŌ Izakaya

Lastly, HUMŌ Izakaya offers a unique Japanese dining experience. It’s a great spot to enjoy small plates and sake in a cozy environment. For an evening at HUMŌ, I’d recommend something stylish yet comfortable, like our boutique’s trendy sweaters and knits paired with comfortable pants.

All of these restaurants are locally owned, making them perfect for supporting our community while enjoying a warm, delicious meal and a good drink.

Remember, you can find all the outfit pieces I mentioned at Honest Boutique, and you can check out our latest collection for more cold-weather fashion inspiration. And remember to visit these amazing restaurants - Waterfront Wines, The Orchard Room, Bernie's Supper Club, Krafty Kitchen + Bar, and HUMŌ Izakaya. Each of them offers a unique experience that perfectly complements the cozy, stylish outfits from our boutique. Stay warm and stylish, Kelowna!

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