We are a contemporary millinery company based in Melbourne, Australia. We pride ourselves in creating timeless, quality pieces using traditional methods and all natural fibres. Our hats are all designed in Melbourne and are made using only the finest materials and trims.

We’re about crafting exceptional products

We’re about embracing individuality

We’re about creating moments

And we are obsessed with quality

Bringing you the latest in millinery trends from both the local scene and around the world.



It is from our modest sewing studio that each unique design is born. We work closely with the product through each stage of its development to ensure we can create the most desirable and reliable product for your personal collection.

Our considered approach allows all our products to effortlessly withstand short term trends and serve you through the seasons. Furthermore, we look to you as our inspiration; creating inspiring pieces for occasional wear as well as day-to-day styles. These innovative designs deserve your care, find out more about caring for your product here.

Proudly, our range has proven a popular choice for an expanding number of celebrities and influencers.



From day one, providing lasting product offerings has been central to what we do. At Ace of Something we are aware of both the environmental and social impacts of the industry. We are looking to continually reflect and react in order to make meaningful impact. In saying that, here is what we have done so far.

Our product

From the initial idea to the end product, we are always looking to make improvements.

Social: We are committed to prioritising ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices. This includes the assessment of our prospective suppliers’ workplace practices, not only the quality of their product. We believe every single person is deserving of a safe and fair working environment and strive to ensure this for all of our employees as well as those of our suppliers. To do this, we regularly liaise with our partners to ensure these measures and standards are being honoured.  

Environmental: The impacts of material production and manufacturing that the fashion industry is responsible for cannot be ignored. We make it our business to understand how our product is produced, the impacts of production and where the raw materials are originally sourced. This traceability enables us to make informed and appropriate sourcing decisions.

Our wool - 100% Australian wool products are just that, all the wool is sourced right here in Australia.

Our vegan leather - detailing featured across a large amount of our product offerings is made of our vegan leather. The development and production of this material does not harm any animals and gives a realistic leather-look finish. 

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