We've partnered with Recover™ to break down textile waste from landfills and turn it into sustainable, recycled fibers to create your new favorite pair of jeans.

A typical pair of jeans takes 1500 gallons of water to produce. Ours take less than 10, thanks to ultra-absorbent fibers and waterless processes. What’s more, we treat and recycle 98% of the water we do use in our in-house treatment plant.

We use polyesters made from recycled plastic wherever possible.

The ultra-soft fabrics you know and love are made with Tencel™ lyocell, a botanic fiber made from beech tree wood. It’s known for softness and breathability and is 100% biodegradable.

All the cotton we source is responsibly produced and meets at least one of four international certifications for quality and impact.

We use Dystar Liquid Indigo, a pre-reduced dye that needs less water and minimizes harmful byproducts. It’s made of just three ingredients: indigo, soda, and water.

Each jean is tracked throughout the manufacturing process using Jeanologia’s EMS software. We monitor water, energy, and other resources to make sure each piece falls within our standards for sustainability and efficiency.

Your favorite denim character, minus the harmful chemicals. We utilize laser and ozone technology, both of which are completely waterless processes that remove excess indigo to create vintage character and authentic details.

Our facility is powered by a combination of solar power and energy from our self-generating power plant. It uses heat recovery from the manufacturing process to power itself.