Starting from the design room in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gigi Pip hats go through as many as 70+ steps prior to arriving at your doorstep. What makes Gigi Pip hats so special? Read on as Gigi Pip's founders Jon and Ginger Parrish answer the most commonly asked questions about Gigi Pip hats. 

  1. Why did you start Gigi Pip?

    Gigi Pip was conceived between a somewhat obsessive love for hats (thank you Ginger) combined with a passion for business (thank you Jon). We felt there was a gap in the market between high-quality, fashionable hats and what the average women could afford. We're extremely proud to be a leader in the women hat market with dozens of styles at a fraction of the price that you'd find with a custom hat maker. 

  2. What is the mission of Gigi Pip? 

    Gigi Pip's mission is to build confidence in women and the many hats they wear. In a physical sense, we hope to achieve this mission by putting quality first, refusing to cut corners, and producing the most fashionable, high-quality hats on the market. But in the potentially more important symbolic sense - we truly hope our product, service and the Gigi Pip community will help women build confidence in every aspect of their lives, including all the "hats" they wear.

  3. Where are Gigi Pip hats produced?

    Gigi Pip hats are designed in Salt Lake City, UT and produced in factories around the world, including China. While some may take that as a negative, we consider it an incredible advantage. We visit every factory we work with regularly to ensure our product is quality, that employees are treated fairly, and that the processes in place are on par with standards that we're proud of. We put our product where our mouth is and invite everyone to see the Gigi Pip difference.

  4. Where does Gigi Pip source materials?

    Gigi Pip hats are sourced from materials around the world. This is out of necessity more than a nice thing to say. Our wool comes from Australia, leather comes from different parts of Europe and Asia, straws come from their respective origins, and they're all brought together to form a truly unique product.

  5. What makes Gigi Pip hats different?

    There are many shortcuts in the hat world. But not with Gigi Pip. In fact, from the materials we source, to the quality checks required between every step of the hatmaking process, we go above and beyond to make sure we have the best product on the market. We back this up with our confidence guarantee, which is our promise to get you the hat you feel comfortable with, even if that requires us to cover shipping back and forth.

  6. Are Gigi Pip hats made from animals?

    We strive to provide options for every walk of life, including several hats that are completely animal-free. However, many Gigi Pip hats are sourced from materials, such as wool, that come from animals. We invite you to reach out to our support line if you'd like to find a hat that works for you. 
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