Gigi Pip - For The Woman Who Wears Many "Hats"

What is Gigi Pip?


Gigi Pip is renowned for its exquisite collection of hats, including the iconic Gigi Pip straw hat. They are rich with style, individuality, and quality. Crafted with precision and a commitment to timeless design, the Gigi Pip brand has earned a dedicated following worldwide. That's why I chose to carry this brand of hats at Honest Boutique!


Where It All Started


Founded by Jon and Ginger Parrish in 2015, Gigi Pip arose from Ginger's love for hats and Jon's entrepreneurial spirit. Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality, fashionable hats at an accessible price, Gigi Pip emerged as a leader in the women's hat market, offering diverse styles that resonate with the modern woman.

At its core, Gigi Pip aims to empower women, fostering confidence in every facet of their lives. This mission is woven into the fabric of the brand, reflected not only in meticulous craftsmanship but also in the symbolic significance of each hat, supporting women as they navigate the various "hats" they wear.


Where Does Gigi Pip Make Their Hats?


All hats are designed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Production includes factories worldwide, including China. Some may see that as a drawback, but I understand that North American factories are limited and I appreciate that they regularly visit the factories to ensure fair treatment of employees and quality standards. They definitely put their product where their mouths are!


Where Does Gigi Pip Source The Material From?


Materials for Gigi Pip hats are sourced globally, resulting in a unique fusion of elements – wool from Australia, leather from Europe and Asia, and straws from various origins. This global collaboration produces hats that stand out in both quality and design.

For ethical considerations, Gigi Pip strives to cater to all walks of life and offers animal-free options. While some hats are sourced from materials like wool and leather, they provide alternatives for those who prefer to stay away from wearing products that are sourced from animals.


What Makes Gigi Pip Hats So Great?


They don’t take shortcuts! Everything from the materials to the quality checks during the hat making process are top notch. They truly go above and beyond in their care and attention to detail.


Versatile Collection


At Honest Boutique, we recognize the significance of accessories, especially with the diverse range offered by Gigi Pip. Hats are one of my all-time favourite accessories and that's definitely not going to be changing anytime soon! From the ever-popular Gigi Pip Isla straw fedora to the classic Gigi Pip Monroe Hat, the versatility of their collection ensures a perfect match for every style, occasion, and personality. Whether it's a brunch, a beach day, or a night out, these hats effortlessly transition from day to night and season to season.

The Gigi Pip Monroe Hat, a classic Rancher Style Hat, adds an elegant touch to any outfit with its wide brim and timeless design.

The Gigi Pip Shiloh Hat: a classic Fedora Style Hat with a stiff, flat brim.

The Gigi Pip Zephyr Hat: For those who want a hat that looks good on literally everyone! It has a universally flattering teardrop crown with a stiff upturned brim makes for versatility.

The Gigi Pip Miller Fedora: This staple Gigi Pip Fedora Hat has a defined pinch with a flat brim.

The Gigi Pip Ezra Western Hat: is where fashion meets the Wild West. It has a cattleman's crown with an upturned brim.

The Gigi Pip Dakota Triangle Crown Hat: is your everyday flat brimmed hat that goes good with any outfit!


The Gigi Pip Experience at Honest Boutique


Shopping for the perfect hat, be it the Gigi Pip Monroe Hat or the Gigi Pip Zephyr Hat, should be an enjoyable experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you in finding another "hat" to wear. They were, after all, designed for the women who wear many hats.

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